January 8, 2017

Hiking Madrid — La Cabrera, Pico de la Miel y Cancho Gordo 4K

Video of a sunny January day hiking in “La Cabrera” in the Sierra of Madrid to two peaks: Pico de la Miel (Honey Peak) +1364 and Cancho Gordo (Fat Chunk Peak) +1584. This route is great to do in winter and early Spring on a sunny day! Much of the time I was in T-shirt […]


December 25, 2016

Madrid Luces de Navidad, Christmas Lights

A selection of Christmas lights videos from around Madrid. Videos shot in December 2016. Most of the videos are timelapse videos taken with a Gopro. Thanks for your thumbs ups and for sharing! Madrid — Luces de Navidad Una selección de luces de Navidad de todo Madrid. Video tomado en diciembre de 2016. La mayoría de […]

Monton De Trigo 4K Timelapse

December 19, 2016

Monton De Trigo Montaña, Sierra de Guadarrama, 4K Timelapse

¿Quieres ver las vistas desde el pico Monton De Trigo? Esta fin de semana hicimos una ruta al pico de Monton De Trigo, una de las Montañas Más conocidos de la sierra de Guadarrama en Madrid. El video incluye imágenes desde las caras sur y norte del pico Montón de Trigo, desde el Cerro de la […]


September 15, 2016

Travel Video of Las Vegas — 24 hours in a seconds!

Have you ever wanted to visit Las Vegas? Want to relive the experience of sliding off the top of the Statosphere Tower? Here is your chance to experience 24 hours in Las Vegas in only a few seconds: Click below to see the video and experience Las Vegas compacted into a short travel video:   […]

Santa-Barbara-California Travel Video

September 5, 2016

Santa Barbara Travel Video, 24 hours in 60 seconds in 4K

Experience 24 hours in Santa Barbara California in seconds … Santa Barbara California is a logical stop while touring the West Coast from LA to San Francisco. The curious “old town” is actually less than 100 years old, but it has been rebuilt following a uniform style that actually makes you feel like you are in a 16th […]

Monterey-California-Travel Video

September 5, 2016

Monterey California Travel Video, 24 hours in 60 seconds in 4K

Experience 24 hours in Monterey California in seconds, the cliff lined coast, Big Sur, Carmel, Sea Lions, etc… Monterey Bay is actually a ver large stretch of the California Coast, most of it wild! A long section of the coast that includes Redwoods in Big sur, wild beaches with Elephant Seals & Elephant Farms, White cliffs, […]

San-Francisco-CA-Travel Video

September 5, 2016

San Francisco California Travel Video, 48 hours in 120 seconds in 4K

Experience a two-day stay in San Francisco California in seconds, experience life in the hippest city in the world! Where tie-die millionaires reside… San Fran is a top destination to visit in California! Famous for steep hills, tie-die hippies, the Golden Gate, alternative culture and now tech giants like Google, Apple and Facebook… Check out this cool video […]


September 5, 2016

Lake Tahoe California Travel Video, 48 hours in 120 seconds in 4K

Experience a two-day stay in Lake Tahoe California in seconds, the search for bears starts while kayaking on the biggest lake in California! Ever seen those travel magazines with pictures of crystal clear water, with all shades of turquoise and blue? You do not have to go to the Bahamas to experience it! The clean, clear, snow-melt […]


September 5, 2016

Yosemite California Travel Video, 3 days in 3 minutes in 4K

Experience a three-day weekend in Yosemite National Park California in seconds, searching for bears while enjoying some of the best scenery in California! Ever wanted to climb The Nose of el Capitan?! Or maybe just watch someone else crazy enough to try? The views of Yosemite valley, Inspiration Point, El Cap, Half Dome, The Falls, Glacier point, […]


September 5, 2016

Sequoia California Travel Video, 24 hours in seconds

Experience a day in Sequoia National Park California in seconds, hiking with bears and hugging giant trees! Who wouldn’t want to hug a huge tree… or a bear?! Sequoia National Park (and Kings Canyon) are overshadowed by Yosemite, but they just as amazing! Check out this cool video where you can experience the day in just […]

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