November 10, 2016

Rigged Electoral College

Trump said that the election was rigged… for once I agree with him, Let’s change the Rigged Electoral College! The antiquated electoral college system must go! Time for change! The world is collectively crapping it’s pants (pardon the fowl language) after seeing Trump elected. Let it be know that a majority did not vote for […]

viñeta politico trump april fools

April 1, 2016

¡Trump Admite que Su compaña ha sido una broma!

¡Trump Admite que Su compaña ha sido una broma! Ver video de Trump admitiendo la broma: “¡Mi candidatura ha sido una broma! ¡Sois tontos! ¡Solo quería destrozar el partido Republicano! Y lo he conseguido!” dice Trump…  😉  En el video de la programa de Jimmy Kimmel, Donald Trump admite que ha sido todo una broma y […]


March 18, 2016


¡Viñeta de Adivinanza de Trump! ¡Escribe tu respuesta abajo! y comparta con tus amigos! ¿Que es Peor que Donald Trump? Los pobres lo tienen, Los ricos lo necesitan, y si lo comes, te vas a morir! Adivina 🙂 English Translation of the Riddle: Write your answer in the comments Below “¿What is worse than Trump, the […]

Indoctrination Education - Dome of the rock sign

January 13, 2016

Indoctrination Generation

Beach on the border between Jaffo and Tel-Aviv. Muslim Women co-existing with Jewish women  in Bikini on the beach in summer. Dear citizens of the world, The past couple of weeks here in Israel have been stressful but not as bad as it is shown on the media: First of all, the stabbing attacks have […]