Vidral-video-Theatre-Campain-Presentación de temporada 2017-2018 CDN - YouTube

July 26, 2017

Creative Video Campaign for Theatre

Creative Video Campaign for theatre reviewed:   This  campaign is thinking outside the bowl (forgive the pun 😉 ) This video advert is creative and well disigned for the public it is aimed at… theatre goers. Parts of the design that I liked: +++ Simple, flexible video editing, +++ Vibrant colours, +++ Fitting music. Parts of […]

Viral Video CV - Interactive CV Resume

April 21, 2016

Viral Video CV- Interactive Resume

Another great Viral Video CV to act as an interactive CV (interactive resume) for inspiration! Last month we did a post on the fantastic viral campaign created by Pablo with his Viral Video CV #aManaPlanaDream. By the way, he got a job which is pretty hard in Spain with up to 50% unemployment for young people! Way […]

Pablo-VideoCV-Viral Marketing Video

March 9, 2016

Creative Viral Marketing CV (resume) to get a Marketing Job

  A Man, A Plan, A Dream! –An example of Great Viral Marketing This viral marketing campaign created by Pabo López is a fantastic example of how to use viral videos to promote yourself. On top of being creative, it will probably land him a great job with a leading marketing company! Pablo uses his Video […]

MasterFoods-Viral Video Video

March 4, 2016

Viral Videos: Master Foods Australia

Who would you most like to have dinner with? The viral video marketing campaign from MasterFoods in Australia is a great example of getting a big impact from very little investment. The question asked of parents and children separately gets an “Ahhh” response that will get it shared all over social media in the matter of days: […]

Guerrilla-Marketing - Ideas, opinions, Inspirration

March 3, 2016

¡Welcome, Bienvenido!

… Canal 1 punto 5 productions services. + Guerrilla Marketing / Viral Marketing Campaigns + Promo Videos (Promotional Videos) + Company Presentations + Video Explainers + Online Courses + 15 second Facebook promo videos + Having a coffee in a terrace in Madrid… Call now! Special offers if you call or email in the next […]

Ariel #ShareTheLoad Campaign

February 26, 2016

Viral Marketing, Ariel: “Share the load”

The Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign from India is a great example of effective Viral marketing! Aside from TV coverage, it gets great exposure around the world through social media by people who connect the with message. Like any good campaign it does not stop there. Men were then challenged to show how they share the load, […]